The social cycling club that races

If you’re a keen cyclist like me, you’ll know that cycling clubs can be hugely competitive and aggressive places. So what if your cycling’s as much about coffee and cake as it is cadences and counter-attacks?

Let me tell you my story. A few years ago, I was an 18-stone diabetic. So I got off the couch and ditched the potatoes. I lost eight stone in eight months and ran a very fast marathon. Then injury struck.

I took up cycling. Within two years, I became a fanatic, a time-trialist on the verge of representing my country. Someone who clocks up over 12,000 miles a year and a brand ambassador for  Canyon Bicycles.

But, like you, I struggled with those cycling clubs. I wanted a new approach.

A new approach

Julian Porter Cycling Club is that new approach. We’ll welcome and help you if you’re just starting out or not as fast as others. We enjoy local sportive rides in mixed-ability groups around Hampshire’s beautiful New Forest and Meon Hills.

So what else are we about?

  • A family-friendly ethos
  • Structured year-round training
  • Local time-trial races
  • Social rides with a ‘no-drop’ policy with 2  carefully structured speed groups
  • Safe group-cycling tuition
  • Reduced-rate maintenance for members
  • Smart kit retro and not covered in logos
  • 4 Weekly coffee-and-cake rides.
  • access to top riders for advice and training
  • Rides off all distances
  • Affiliated with BC (British Cycling) and CTT (Cycling Time Trials)

Will JPCC suit me?  Why not contact me to arrange a couple of free try out rides?

JPCC is a social cycling club that races, not a racing team trying to be social. If that sounds like you, email us here or call 02380 767084 to find out more.

Club Constitution

Proudly affiliated with CTT (Cycling Time Trials) and  BC (British Cycling)