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After a Cancer scare during 2018 which had a massive impact on my life and my cycling club, Sue and I have decided that we will 100% fund the running of JPCC during 2019.

This means we will donate 100% of your membership donations to this amazing Charity “Cyclists Fighting Cancer” So if you click the join button below and pay at least £20 you will become a member of Julian Porter Cycling Club until December 31st 2019 and this will allow you to ride with us or race under our name with British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials.

Plus of course you are donating to this amazing charity. You can also add Gift Aid which will help even more.

We are a small friendly club and aiming to maintain that but this year we are helping other cyclists too.

Once joined and Donated please message me using the button below so that I can collect some details for our records.

Thank you in anticipation for helping CFC.



Let me know here please

During 2018 we are Proudly affiliated with CTT (Cycling Time Trials) and  BC (British Cycling)