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For only £20 you can join us here at Julian Porter Cycling Club and you will improve your fitness, mental wellbeing and love for cake 😁 We cycle 4 times a week and offer 3 groups to cover all speeds and abilities. We are the ideal club if your wanting to get into cycling or just wanting to keep fit and out group 3 will suit the serious cyclists out there too.

Joining fee’s much like with any other cycling club will be £20 payable now and this lasts until December 31st so depending on when you join it can be a whole year of structured cycling for just £20 but even just a few months remaining this year its still fantastic value. ( join now and membership is valid until Dec 2018)

Every member who joins will be entitled to wear our beautiful kit and then really feel part of the team and as such you will be invited to Julian Porter Photography for a free profesional shoot so that you can use your club photo as your facebook or strava photo.

You can join us as your first and only club, or if you already have a club you can join us as a second claim. It makes no difference to us because we are aiming to be a superb social club that races, rather than a racing club, trying to be sociable.

All of our social rides will include a coffee stop ☕🍰 and all will be fun.  Our club kit is a simple retro design that we think looks amazing and will suit everyone and unlike some club kits, it’s not covered in sponsors instead Sue and I chose to sponsor the whole thing with Julian Porter Photography

We have some amazing friend offering some outstanding discounts to our members. Simply by using a couple of these offers you will pay for your membership and JPCC Jersey. Thank you to them all.


We expect all members to cycle within the law at all times and to be as polite as possible with anyone we come across whilst out cycling. You should carry spares for any roadside repairs and money in case you have an emergency (or cake)

Your bike must be in good working order with 2 working brakes.

You must wear a bike helmet at all times whilst out with the club.

Please bring sensible clothing and lights as necessary.

No tt bikes allowed unless agreed before hand with Julian.


Members Benefits and discounts

Contact us here if you have any membership questions

Join or renew now and your membership will be good until December 31st 2018.





Proudly affiliated with CTT (Cycling Time Trials) and  BC (British Cycling)