Club Rides

First and Foremost:  A couple of things to mention first, we are all about the social side of cycling, but, its important to be aware that cycling at 14mph is sociable for some, 25mph for others, we are trying to accommodate everyone here at JPCC and the speeds we mention are an estimate and all dependent on weather factors.  We want everyone to enjoy our rides and I know speed is an issue for some, We will always look after you and ride at your pace and trust me it’s not in my interest to lie about this. JPCC was formed to help people get into cycling, enjoy it and become a better cyclist as well as to help the more seasoned cyclists train to achive their goals amongst like mided people. We are not an elitist club in any way I promise. On top of that I cycle most days between 40 and 50 miles and I am almost always happy for the company, some days are fast training rides, some social, so please let me know if you fancy joining me.  Most of our group rides are at a guaranteed pace (group 1 and 2)  so providing you join the right group, you will not get left behind. If you’re not sure about your pace send me a message above and we can chat and make sure you join the right ride. Our group 3 which is our fastest paced ride has a few exceptions. If you choose to join group 3 you need to be 100% confident of the route and your pace.

The info below is a guide but our facebook group is 100% up to date  FACEBOOK JPCC Rides and Events Group

Our Group 1 ride is led by George and is a guaranteed no-drop ride averaging anything up to 16mph but at the pace of the slowest rider so if you ride at 14mph then it will be a 14mph ride.

Our Group 2 ride averages between 16 and 18mph and it led by whoever is about on that given day. This group normally does the same route as the Group 3 and again is guaranteed no-drop providing you can ride at 16mph.

Our group 3 ride which is our fastest paced ride has a few exceptions. If you choose to join group 3 you need to be 100% confident of the route because this one is not a no-drop ride as such, For instance, if you bonk we will make sure you are safe before we continue, if you have a mechanical we will wait with you of course. This ride is usually 20mph + so you need to be confident of your route and pace before joining us. If you are happy to give it a go then drop off the back and pick up group 2 that’s fine.

The following rides are set weekly rides. We meet at Eling Tide Mill car park. Plenty of parking for those driving.  From Totton, please go over the bridge and turn right into the car park. From the New Forest turn left before the bridge.

Social Monday’s Group 1, 2 and 3 Evening ride.  We meet at 6:30 pm and do either a 20, 25 or a 35-mile loop around the New Forest depending on who turns up and what group you choose.  We split into 2 groups to cover all abilities as above.

Social Wednesday’s Group 1, 2 and 3 Evening ride.  We meet at 6:30 pm and do either a 20, 25 or a 40-mile loop around the New Forest depending on who turns up and what group you choose.  We split into 3 groups to cover all abilities as above

Fast Fridays  On Fridays we start at 6:30 at Eling and head off for between 30 and 50 miles. This is our fastest ride and therefore its very important you can keep this pace or give it a damn good go   Our slowest average speed is 21mph if the weather is bad and climbs considerably in good weather. We practice our team riding on Friday’s so expect a time pushing hard on the front. This is a great evening that everybody in our small group loves, we would love to see it grow and our Monday and Wednesday groups are a perfect way to help you reach this goal. This is a drop ride with the exception of mechanicals or illness in which case one of us will hold back with you

SUNDAY IMPORTANT INFO: On certain Sundays, we choose a longer ride at this time of year so if you struggle with a longer distance or indeed if you have not yet done a longer ride then PLEASE CHECK WITH ME FIRST before committing to the Sunday ride or check our FACEBOOK JPCC Rides and Events Group

Social Sunday’s we meet at 09:45 am  On Sunday morning we ride around the forest aiming for a coffee and cake stop. Average speed is dependent on those turning up but this is a social ride so a nice chat whilst we enjoy the beautiful New Forest, we try to stick to 2 groups on a Sunday but if needed we split into 3.

For our Kent Cyclists please check the facebook page for your scheduling FACEBOOK JPCC Rides and Events Group

Special days out.

As we get into the summer we will also be announcing a twice monthly longer ride, anything between 60 and 100 miles at a social pace. The places we visit will include:

IOW, We normally cycle to Lymington and catch the ferry and then enjoy a full day with a couple of stops and a nice lunch. This is always a popular ride, this ride can be extended by about 40 miles if we ride to Lymington and back too.  STRAVA ROUTE

Leckford tearooms, This is owned by Waitrose and a must see cafe. Nice quiet route North of Hampshire. STRAVA ROUTE

Ringwood farm shop, the Lovely route to Ringwood and back through Beaulieu stopping at a couple of our favourite cafes.  STRAVA ROUTE

South downs, We have a couple of routes both gorgeous and challenging.  STRAVA ROUTE

Test Valley, again a couple of route options with a stop at the flying museum for cake.  STRAVA ROUTE



Please check our facebook group below for speciasl days out. I have posted a few below but these can change due to factors beyond our control such as weather and traffic road works but our facebook group will be 100% up to date.

FACEBOOK JPCC Rides and Events Group

Sunday, June 25th 09:45 am Eling:   We will be Cycling to Leckford near Stockbridge which is a lovely cafe and will take in a few hills on the route too. This is a lovely and mostly quiet route that I do often and the cafe is just amazing.  Our average speed on these rides is 16/17mph social pace

Sunday, July 16th 09:00 am Eling:  We will cycle to the IOW via Lymington. This is an amazing day full of challenges but so much fun too. You will need money for the ferry and a pub lunch (and beer) Average speed will be 16/17mph

Sunday, August 13th 09:45 am Eling:  We will cycle to Ringwood taking in Blissford Hill (alternatives available) and visit the beautiful farm shop cafe for our lunch. This is a superb ride, quite challenging but lots of fun. Average speed will be 16/17mph