Cycle Maintenance

Bike maintenance in Hampshire

I was once a cheeky kid with a camera in one hand and a bike spanner in the other. Nothing has changed. I’m now a professional photographer as well as a Cytech qualified bicycle technician.

Here at Julian Porter Cycling, based in Southampton, Hampshire, I can either maintain your bike for you or teach you to do it yourself.

A well-maintained bike is a joy. The sharp braking, the crisp gear changes, the silky chain movement. But maintenance is a bit like gardening. Neglect it and the weeds will soon spread. Keep on top of it and your bike will bloom and thrive. Maintenance is especially important in winter, when mud, grit and salt take their toll.

Maintaining your bike

Want me to take maintenance off your hands? I can:

  • Bicycle servicing from £30.00 see HERE
  • Strip, clean and rebuild your bike £40.00
  • replace inner tubes and tyres and repair punctures £10.00 per bike
  • Replace brake and gear cables £20.00 per bike
  • Replace bearings and headsets   Per quote
  • Replace Bottom Brackets (BB)  £25.00
  • Replace bar tape £10.00
  • Prepare your bike for winter or summer £20.00
  • Carry out pre- and post-ride checks and tweaks.  £20.00
  • Fit new parts  Per quote

Click here to see a full service price list.

If you’re looking to maintain your own bike, you can sign up for a JPC workshop. As a brand ambassador for Vankru, I’ve got all the technical back-up and knowledge I need and I’m happy to pass it on.

For a chat about bike maintenance in Hampshire with JPC, email us here or call 02380 767084.