Fix your own bike

Bike maintenance workshops in Hampshire

If you’re looking to maintain your own bike, you can sign up to a JPCC workshop. As a Cytech qualified bicycle technician, I’ve got all the technical back-up and knowledge I need and I’m happy to pass it on.

Want to learn how to do the following?

  • Strip, clean and rebuild your bike
  • replace inner tubes and tyres and repair punctures properly
  • Replace brake and gear cables
  • Replace bearings and headsets
  • Replace Bottom Brackets (BB)
  • Replace bar tape
  • Prepare your bike for winter or summer
  • Carry out pre- and post-ride checks and tweaks.
  • Fit new parts

In a selection of one-on-one or group bike maintenance and service workshops, I’ll teach you all of the above and more. You’ll learn everything from fixing a puncture on the hoof to carrying out a regular service.

For a chat about bike maintenance workshops in Hampshire with JPC, email us here or call 02380 767084.

Want me to take maintenance off your hands? message me