3 weeks old…..41 amazing members


Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that after only 3 weeks we would have 41 members  I am totally overwhelmed and proper excited about the future for both JPCC and Cycling in Hampshire too.

If you’re a keen cyclist, you’ll know that cycling clubs can be hugely competitive and aggressive places. So what if your cycling’s as much about coffee and cake as it is cadences and counter-attacks?

Let me tell you my story. A few years ago, I was an 18.8-stone diabetic. So I got off the couch and ditched the potatoes. I lost eight stone in eight months and ran a very fast marathon. Then injury struck.

I took up cycling. Within two years, I became a fanatic, a time-trialist on the verge of representing my country. Someone who clocks up over 12,000 miles a year and a brand ambassador for Vankru and Canyon Bicycles.

But, like you, I struggled with those cycling clubs. I wanted a new approach.

A new approach

Julian Porter Cycling Club is that new approach. We’ll welcome and help you if you’re just starting out or not as fast as others. We enjoy local sportive rides in mixed-ability groups around Hampshire’s beautiful New Forest and Meon Hills. We will ride as a club at least 3 times a week and we will stop for coffee and cake

I absolutely despise elitism within cycling and I promise you that we will never become “that club” so whether you ride a top of the range carbon dream machine or a hybrid from Ikea, you will be welcomed by my amazing members.

Our aim is to bring the social side of cycling back whilst keeping the fun of club cycling alive. Come along with us and enjoy great company and great routes with the security of knowing that no matter what happens you will not get left behind.  Although we offer 3 group rides every week guaranteed, we also ride most days too so there will always be someone to ride with. Our rides are set by pace (speed) and now most rides break into 2 groups, faster and slower which makes planning our rides safer and more sensible.

We offer this “No Drop” ride in 2 ways,  Depending on numbers we will have a front and back rider, on smaller groups we will have regular “stop and wait” points where we all stop and re-group, Anyone missing and we head back to find you, and we are talking no more than a mile, so even with a dreaded puncture you will never be left alone.


We will also be cycling on special days out through the summer, starting next month, details will be posted on facebook and here on our blog.

If you know anyone that would enjoy our club then please pass our details on. The more members we get, the better we can build JPCC.

JPCC is a non-profit cycling club so all monies go back into the club.

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