50 + 50

It all started a few weeks ago, I was talking to Sue about my lack of miles since starting the club when Sue mentioned my 2016 challenge and how much fun its was. WHAT ! she was actually condoning a challenge hmmmm…..

After thinking about it I came up with what I considered to be a challenge which, with a lot of hard work could be achieved.  I have a fairly typical 40 mile ride which I can comfortably do most times of the year in around 2 hours, maybe 2:10 in the winter but around 2, so I thought I would try a 50 mile challenge. The next part was easy, 50 days.

Stupidly I started the challenge the day after Wiggo’s 100 mile ride so already tired legs. But the first week was all good, I was going strong and feeling fab averaging just over 20mph. The following week I started to ache a bit but again all very good, On week 3 I had a wedding on the Saturday so decided a 6am start was in order, that was all good apart from it was after our “fast Friday” ride and quite honestly it was the toughest 50 of the challenge, I had to stop after 25 miles and give myself a talking too 😃

The next “solo” day I decided on a route change and headed out through Romsey towards salisbury, after what seemed like hours and hours I looked at my Garmin to see I had only covered 19 miles, Its fair to say I was struggling. Again I came home and gave myself a talking too and decided to plan my routes carefully and also to slow down a little. 20mph is crazy every day. At this point I decided to change strategy and try to ride with company more too, that helped a LOT.

I rode 4 times a week withy my awesome club mates and at least once more with some of them too and generally a couple solo rides, these were tough but got easier with planned routes.

I also rode the Garmin ride and a Wiggle ride which made for easy miles.

During my challenge I was often asked “whats the hardest part”  well not surprisingly that changed as the challenge went on 😃 As I have said the first 2 or 3 weeks were physically and mentally tough but things changed. I started to find it tough to fit in the cycling around work and Sue, Work was fairly easy because we work odd hours but I was spending less and less time with Sue which became hard. We had major web site issues which has meant a complete website rebuild too which added to the workload.

But, without a shadow of a doubt the hardest part of cycling 50 miles a day for 50 days was Counting Miles, I started to get paranoid about getting to the end and being short, stupid really coz I am quite good at knowing the miles of a ride. But there you have it, the counting miles was bloody horrible.

Best part about cycling 50 miles a day for 50 days was without a doubt the company, my JPCC club mates made for some very EASY miles. Thank you all very much.

My favourite ride was probably last Sunday to Ringwood, least favourite 6am pre wedding ride, although the awesome wedding made up for it.

So I did manage at least 50 miles every day I am very proud to say.

Shortest ride 50 miles

Longest ride 59 miles

Total miles 2596.1

Avg Speed 18.2 mph

2 pots of chamois cream

50 cakes 🙂

So where now?  Well I have the Festive 500 to look forward too, but for now I am VERY much looking forward to tomorrows club ride and I really do not care how far or how fast it is 🙂 I fully intend to enjoy my rides no matter how long or short they might be.

Thank you all for your support, Mostly thank you to Sue for being there after every ride ❤️


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