Collaborate with me

Hi there, Hopefully is you have come this far you like what I do and am interested in working with me in some way.

I cook outside in my shack every single day of the year for my family including a 2 year old toddler and try my best to cook healthier meals during the week.

I cook with a selection of Kamado Joes, a Gozney Dome wood oven and a Pittboss plancha flat griddle as well as a ton of accessories.

I post every meal I cook on my instagram and Facebook page my username and you might have guessed is @bassettburgers

If we collaborate I will chat to you to see how I can best help build and or promote your brand from this website and my social channels.

I live in Southampton UK and I run a very successful studio photography business and I food photography workshops too as well as just breaking into cooking workshops for people wishing to expand their BBQ skills.

Im happy to chat at anytime either by phone out email below.

Call me on 07720325336 or email

Thanks for reading