End of year round up :-)

Well what can I say about JPCC and 2017 WOW ! I was and still am totally gobsmacked that we started our club in April and by Christmas we have 120 members and quite a few contributing regularly too.

We have certainly had our ups and downs and the downs should not happen again due to slightly stricter membership for 2018. Quality not quantity is the way forward for JPCC.

We have appointed 2 welfare officers, Sue Porter and Lou Gower.  Lou can be contacted on facebook and Sue on 02380 767084 so if you have any issues relating to the club members please speak to either myself of one of these two.

As always I will continue to run JPCC as a non profit cycling club and our sole “silent” sponsor will be Julian Porter Photography. We will continue to subsidise some of the club kit and hopefully stick with Skinline. I know this recent order went tits up but that was 100% my fault and due to my flu which proper knocked me sideways. I have spoken to Patryk and we have a plan to move forward with the kit.  Having said that, we have sold over 100 jerseys/bib shorts this year which means a lot of JPCC members looking uber cool.

Its too early to see where we go racing this coming year but with so many promising riders I am sure we will. In our very short time trialing earlier this year I saw some amazing cyclists developing, we will work on that again in early spring and hopefully move forward.

I have a few specific people I would like to thank, firstly all the ride leaders, those that week in and week out rock up and are happy to take the faster riders out if I cant or indeed back ride with the slower cyclists, I am extremely grateful.

Wiggo for organising our club Christmas party and also for the admin help too.

Hayley and Jon (or is that Dan) 😂😂😂 for there help organising the Sunday Epic rides, these have been super popular and I am sure will continue to be in 2018 as we grow.

Pete for organising all the regular Sunday rides, some great routes mate.

Lou for looking after the Team Kat 🙂 Katusha and so much more ❤️

In short I would like to thank you all for your amazing support and friendship during 2017, We have all made new friends, reacquainted with old and had a bloody great time in doing so.

I know I will never forget my first year of JPCC.  Here’s to 2018.

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