Learning to become a safer cyclist

Part of what we do here ar Julian Porter Cycling Club is to invest time and money into our member’s safety and this is something I feel passionate about.

Most people assume when we talk about riding in a group, it’s all about hugging the wheel in front and getting faster, well that is a valid reason for doing it but here at JPCC we also teach you about reading and using hand signals. Most cyclists use these signals for turning and stopping but they are also very useful for obstacles like Pot Holes and parked cars, Horses and runners. We teach you how to do this as we go along.

We also teach you where it’s safe to cycle and give you the confidence to cycle this way. For instance, it’s well documented that if you cycle in or near the gutter then cars will ignore you and squeeze past, sound familiar?  Whereas if you cycle the primary or secondary position as advised you will be MUCH safer.  We practice and encourage this within our group rides.

Cycling 2 abreast is both legal and advisable in some conditions but generally, on our JPCC rides, we try to be courteous at all times and often that means we move over to let them pass once safe to do so.

Understanding Primary Road Position BEST FOR NARROW ROADS
The primary road position is that of the general flow of traffic (ie in the centre of the lane). Contrary to what inexperienced cyclists may think, this is where they are often safer, as it is where they can most easily see and be seen. New Cyclists should be encouraged to think like a driver of a vehicle, and if in doubt position themselves where a vehicle would be

Understanding Secondary Road Position BEST FOR WIDER ROADS
The secondary road position (roughly 1 metre to the left of the traffic flow and not less than 0.5 metres to the edge of the road) may be appropriate if the road is wide enough to allow safe overtaking, and the rider’s safety is not reduced by riding in this position.

You can join JPCC for only £20 per year and join us on at least 3 rides per week, indoor in the winter. Even if you only made 1 ride per week that’s only 39 pence a week. 😃 We are a non-profit club so everything gets put back into the club for our general well being.


Once you start cycling with us you will become better, safer and more confident cyclists and most of our rides start on nice quiet New Forest roads.