Membership available now

After a year or so in the works I am finally very proud to say that membership to Julian Porter Cycling club (JPCC) is now available and not only that but you get an awesome free gift too.

Like with all cycling clubs our membership runs until January so we thiought to make up for the small amount of time missed this year we would give you a free gift, Our free gift is mega cool tho so check out the club page and pay your £20 now 🙂

If your 1st or 2nd claim thats good, or like a few of you, your just doing this to show support of me I am very gtateful indeed. JPCC is a “not for profit” club and we will be re-investing in the club to make the most of cheaper kit and CAKE 🙂

You can pay by the uber secure paypal and you dont even need a paylap account or contact me for bacs details.

Check out the membership page now please.