Cytech Bicycle Technician

Well, that’s really a fancy description for a Bike Mechanic really 🙂

I have been self-employed nearly all of my adult life. Even back when I was a teenager I had a small business, building and refurbing bicycles and I loved it and spent every waking moment sourcing parts and seeking fixes.  left school and wanted to become a mechanic but instead did an apprenticeship as a mechanical engineer with a company called SEMCO who trained me at SETA. My pop thought this was a better option than a mechanic because cars were getting easier and easier to work on, turned out to be true.  After my time at SETA I joined the Army to continue this but hated the lifestyle so I left, set up my own business and the rest, as they say, is history.

When I got into Cycling a couple years ago I quickly realised much had changed. Push fit BB’s, Carbon fibre and firmware updates have become the norm. After a year or so playing catch up and using my good friend Gary Allen when I got stuck I decided to do something about it. After much research, I found that the only place to train as a Bicycle mechanic here in the UK was with Cytech. So a new chapter has opened for Sue and me.

I have completed 1 full course and absolutely loved it, everything instantly made sense and came back to me. I walked away with my certificate which will proudly hang in my workshop when it’s ready very soon. I also have 2 more courses booked for later this year which is very exciting for me.

My main idea when setting up Julian Porter Cycling was to once again in my life combine my hobby with my work. My photography will not be affected so I am a very lucky man.  Sue will continue to deal with all the photography paperwork and also help with our editing so that leaves me free to ride and work on JPC.  So over the next few months, I will be arranging more of our group and one-2-one workshops to help people look after their bikes both pre and post ride as well as whilst out on the road. I will also be offering bike servicing and repair both here at my workshop and eventually with our fully equipped mobile workshop.

Here is to a very exciting year 🙂  If you have any questions or would like a service or workshop please contact us here