New rides for new riders…..

Today just 2 weeks after our launch my dream has started to become a reality. George and I took out Beccs for her first ride with JPCC and although she is very new to Cycling, she absolutely loved it and did a whopping 18 miles. We started at Eling and headed slow and steady towards Mettricks for a coffee and then headed back.

We left Eling as a team of 11 but split into 2 groups, I suggested the faster boys headed off first and then we could all join for coffee,  and that’s exactly what we did.

Beccs was absolutely chuffed and that inspired George and me to start offering 2 of these rides every week, Wednesdays at 6:30 and Sundays at 09:45 both starting at Eling and both heading towards Beaulieu. Each ride will be led by George and have a back marker too so no matter what pace, you will NOT get dropped. This is uber important for new riders not only because of getting tired etc but also because of possible mechanicals. It’s horrid to be left alone and this will not happen if you are a JPCC member.

So, click below and join JPCC and let us start growing together.

From little things, big things grow 😃 🚴🏻 🍰 ☕️

If any of our members would like to volunteer to help this ride please let me know.