Perfect 1st club ride.

After an absolutely amazing first week with 33 new members and a few “test rides” I was very happy.

Last night was our very first club organised ride and I was a little apprehensive, I needn’t have been 🙂 9 amazing people turned up at 6:30pm at Eling and the buzz was amazing.  Justin, Pete, Luke, Thomaz, George, Tim, Will, Jason and myself and we headed off for a steady one to Beaulieu.

Loads of chatting and a few efforts ensued but club morale was very high. Mondays is our “slow and steady” ride so any speed welcome. Today we picked up the pace a little but only because everyone was happy too.  Wednesday we do a slightly longer loop and probably 17/18’s

If you would like to join a very friendly local club, concentrating on social rather than speed but cleverly getting you fitter and faster as we do then join us at JPCC please.  JOIN US NOW AND GET A FREE GIFT

Thank you all for an amazing evening and I look forward to more of the same on Wednesday.