Salmon and stuffed peppers

Salmon with stuffed peppers, baby potatoes and baby coloured carrots

Ive done this lots of times and its always a winner, Today was no exception its delicious, healthy and a very rewarding dish to serve up.

Ingredients for the stuffed peppers

  • 1 large firm red pepper, a nice firm one will hold its shape
  • leftover rice, But today we used a small bag of vegetable ready rice
  • anything you have leftover to hand these peppers are suited to almost anything
  • Grated cheese to top, today we used mozzarella

Ingredients for the salmon

  • 1 side of salmon
  • seasoning
  • well soaked cedar plank to cook it on
  • Lemons and rocket to decorate


Starting with small baby potatoes pop into your pre heated BBQ at around 200c along with a knob of butter and a little olive oil. Add the carrots and cook for 30 minutes. Whilst this is cooking cut the pepper in half and get rid of the seeds etc. Fill with whatever you have and top with grated cheese. Once the potatoes have had 30 minutes pop in the peppers. Then season the salmon and pop that in too. Ours was quite thick and took about 32 minutes to reach 62c.

Decorate and serve.

These carrots were purple NOT BURNT lol


Honestly these peppers eat up any leftovers you have.

If you cooked this or any of my recipes then please do let me know how it went, I would love some feedback.