My Shack

Me and my shack

How it all started……

Ive been Bbq’ing pretty much since I got married and its my 40th Anniversary this year :-). I started off with a basic kettle and then the brick built kits and went through several of them and then eventually a huge big gas bbq that was the size of a dining table. I used to cook burgers, sausages and chicken as well as some wicked fajitas.

This went off for years and then as we progressed at work and we got into wedding photography I brought a weber Q2000 and for me it was a game changer in terms of convenience. I could light and be cooking in 10 minutes 🙂 I started cooking joints, whole chickens and even the Christmas dinner on my Q2000, in fact I had 2 running together for a good few years but I out grew them and was always looking to improve on what I did.


Then my son brought a Kamado Joe classic 3. He loved it and cooked some amazing food and I had to get one. I fell in love with charcoal bbq all over again and almost straight off I started experimenting with long slow cooks, bread making and even delicate cakes all on the bbq.

18 months into my Kamado journey I cook everyday on them. We have not used our indoor kitchen or the “store cupboard” as I call it since.

This page is to show you my shack, what I cook on and the equipment I use. When I post a new recipe I always say what I cooked it on and any specific equipment I use too. Also our lovely outdoor dining area within the shack. We probably eat out in the shack 9 months of the year too.

I hope you find this enjoyable and follow me into my journey cooking over fire. Any questions please feel free to message me.

I have 3 kamado Joes, A classic 3, A junior and a new Konnected Joe. They all have a place and get used daily, Mostly the classic 3 but every week I use the others at least once. I also have an amazing Gozney Dome which is a wood fired oven mainly used for pizza but I bake all sorts on it. I also have a Pitboss plancha or flat grill which is gas and I use this for breakfasts, fajitas and or course smash burgers.

A few other bits in my shack too like a dual draw Ninja air fryer and a very powerful gas ring and my beer and sauce fridge.

I share this space with my best friend Katusha the cat.