Beef Brisket

Beef Packer Brisket

Todays cook was a first for me, in fact 2 first. My first overnight cook on the bbq and my first packer brisket too. The cook was just under 15 hours total and absolutely perfect. Crisp bark on the outside and dripping with moisture on the inside and falling apart too.

  • 1 5-7kg Packer Brisket
  • Mustard binder
  • Salt, pepper and garlic powder in equal quantities (SPG)
  • Butcher paper to wrap later
  • Beef Tallow
  • Patience


I cooked this on my Konnected Joe bbq (Klever Joe)so I was able to monitor it from my bed, although I only did this once at 3am and as predicted it was perfect. I can do this with all my Kamados but the difference with Klever Joe is that I can make tweaks remotely which is why I chose this bbq. Before starting the cook I removed the brisket from the fridge about 3 hours or so. I then set about trimming the beast. I removed any high spots of beef or fat and any loose or thin bits too that might cook too quickly then I generally gave it a little shape. I actually trimmed about 2kg from the brisket but this will be minced for smash burgers the next day.

I then rubbed the brisket all over with French mustard as a binder, This is a good binder and the taste disappears during the cook. Then a liberal coating of SPG and then let it rest for a couple hours. Covered because we have a Katusha (the cat)

I then setup my bbq with charcoal and a few nice chunks of hickory wood set to catch over the next 2 to 4 hours to give me the best flavour possible. Once at a stable 120c I popped the brisket straight on the grills. The Klever Joe does not have a slo roller that you might have heard me mention but it does use deflector plates do the heat gets diverted all around the brisket instead of just direct from underneath. I also used a stainless 14″ drip tray with a little water in to catch any drips and avower hot spots. The brisket was 11c when I put hot on an 9pm and 50c by 11pm, The first couple hours always has a big impact but there after its slows and renders all the fat perfectly. I woke up at 6am which was 9 hours into the cook and the brisket was 83c.

At this point, well after a coffee, I removed the brisket and topped up the charcoal, There was probably enough left but I had a big day cooking so wanted to be sure. I also wrapped the Brisket in butchers paper and gave it a good spray of Worcestershire sauce. NOTE: At this point I would have liberally coated it in beef Tallow so see my tips below.  I popped the meat back on and increased the heat slightly to about 135c to kick it back into cook mode.

2 ish hours later it had reached 95c my chosen target so I lowered the Joe back to 115c and ket sit stay there for an hour. I believe that with Brisket, once its reached temprature you should leave it for an hour on the heat.  I them removed it, wrapped it in a few towels and popped it in my Yeti cooler to keep warm and its stayed there for 4 hours.

Tips, and ideas for next time.

Our brisket was amazing, super dark and tasty bark and moist and succulent inside so I could say the perfect brisket, But I think it could be better. I should have rendered some of the fat after I trimmed the brisket and used the tallow (rendered fat) to soak the brisket in when I wrapped it. I think this would have added next level flavours. Rendering is easy too just a few hours on the hob out if your about beside the brisket on the bbq in a heavy pan.

I served this brisket with cowboy beans and fresh made bread and slaw. This was long and slow smoking at its best.

If you cooked this or any of my recipes then please do let me know.