Christmas Gamon

Christmas Gamon with Aspall cyder

Our long standing Christmas Eve tradition is Gamon end and chips and after I cook the Gamon there is a ton left over to join tomorrows Turkey meal.

Ingredients for the Gamon

  • Unsmoked Gamon joint
  • 3 bottles of Aspall Cyder
  • Chopped carrot
  • Chopped onion
  • Couple bay leaves
  • Handful of cloves
  • Handful of peppercorns

Ingredients for the Glaze (mix well)

  • 4 tbsp demorara sugar
  • 1 tbsp English mustard
  • 1 tbsp dijon mustard
  • a good plug of Maple syrup
  • a good plug of honey


Pop the gammon in a large saucepan and top up with the Aspall Cyder and all the above ingredients then boil for an hour to really get those Aspall flavours going. I turn mine halfway too. Then drain but save some of the liquid to pop in your BBQ splash pan for a bit more flavour. Remove the skin from the gammon but leave the fat cap in place, Score with a sharp knife and pop a clove in each corner of the cuts. The smother liberally with the glaze and pop on your BBQ for about an hour or until it reaches your desired temperature, I glaze again about halfway through. Temperature wise I aim for around 67 before I remove it to rest.

Absolutely perfect Damon both for now or as a showstopper on Christmas day,  Or in our case both.