The perfect pizza

Neapolitan style 12″ pizza

Let me start by saying that these are my best pizzas by far but they are NOT PERFECT 😍  I have owned my Gozney Dome since last October so almost a year and I have cooked dozens of pizzas in that time, apart from the very first launch which was typically a disaster , every pizza since has been delicious. Ive had highs and lows but we loved the taste of them all.

After a recent visit to a Gozney trade show I saw their pizza cooked on a dome and tried it, it was perfect so I came home and played again. The results were amazing, Crispy bottom and top and perfectly cooked. I have already (I use the word very loosely) “mastered” the forming of the dough into a reasonable 12″ round but I was struggling cooking over wood. Gas was so much more controllable albeit not as fun to watch develop.

Next week I am going to try wood again but with some lump wood charcoal too for a higher heat, Of course my problem may well be down to wood choice so I will look in to that too.

Edited to add that I have uploaded a few more pizza’s and definitely getting better.

Ingredients for my Neapolitan style 12″ pizza

  • Around 250 gm dough made to your requirements or purchased from one of the many amazing frozen dough companies
  • Tomato base, We use Multi classic pizza sauce and we love it
  • Grated mozzarella cheese
  • Toppings of your choice this is endless
  • extra virgin olive oil for drizzling 
  • Fresh basil to decorate



Heat your pizza oven using your chosen fuel, I usually use wood but today was gas. Either way this normally takes a good hour, We aim for a constant 450c to 480c before launching our first pizza. Your oven will read hot much faster but we are trying to get the stone saturated with heat so that we get a crispy bottom and perfectly cooked top. Whatever fuel you use its a great idea to let the oven reheat between pizzas.

So once your oven is ready and only then form your pizza base, I have a stainless steel worktop saver which I cover in a mix of 50/50 semolina and flour, pop your dough ball onto this and then press and stretch your dough until it resembles a circle around 12″ depending on your oven and dough ball size. Then coat your peel with a bit more of the semolina mix and pop on the pizza base.

Tomato sauce is next just pour and spread we have all seen it done. Then cheese and then toppings and then we are ready to launch 😍

Once launched into the oven it’s important to turn every 20 seconds or so to avoid any over burnt toppings and crust. This is such a great time to play and show off so enjoy it.

Once cooked remove from your oven, refuse for the next pizza and dress this one with oil and basil as you wish.


Anything absolutely anything works with pizza. If you love it then try it 🙂 grab a local pizzeria menu and try a few of those.

If you cooked this or any of my recipes then please do let me know how it went, I would love some feedback.