Sticky toffee pudding with smoked sauce

Sticky toffee puddings with smoked toffee sauce

Ive cooked these before at home and recently on the bbq too with this slightly different sauce which I saw in BBQ magazine. Todays were spectacular in every way.

Ingredients for the sauce.

  • 150ml Double cream
  • 150gm brown sugar, I used 50/50 light and dark
  • 60gm unsalted butter
  • Pinch of smoked sea salt’ U used Cornish sea salt
  • wood for the bbq smoker

Ingredients for the puddings.

  • 150gm dates finely chopped
  • 100gm pecans Finley chopped
  • 200ml boiling water
  • 50gm unsalted butter
  • 80gm golden caster sugar
  • 80gm Muscovado sugar
  • 1tsp vanilla extract
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • half tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 175gm self raising flour
  • 2 fresh eggs


Firstly fire up your bbq and aim for about 180c and chuck on a small amount go fruit wood, I used apple from our garden but you only need a tiny amount for this cook about 30mm square chunk to give the sauce a little extra kick. Once at temperature pop on the double cream to heat through then add the butter and sugar and stir. once the mixture is combined I lower the heat slightly and for me that means popping a smaller deflector plate under the pot which stops the sauce getting too hot too quick, I could be sensible and start this cook at 140c but were’s the fun in that haha. I then make the pudding mixture and whilst the sauce is simmering for 20-30 minutes I then set it aside.

To make the puds I use my KitchenAid which I do in my shack to keep an eye on the sauce plus any other mains cooking.  Firstly pour 200ml boiling water over the combined dates and nuts and set aside to soak. Then Into the mixture goes the butter and sugars and vanilla to cream together, As Sue always tells me “be patient”  Once creamed add the eggs to the mix and keep mixing. Then pop in the dry ingredients  and mix together, once combined pop in the soaking nuts and dates and the water and continue mixing until you have a heavenly pudding mix.

Pour into very well buttered ramekins or bowls of your choice, I have a bunch of little non stick (hahaha) pudding bowls. Leave about 3cm from the top.  Then bake directly on the bbq grill for 20 to 25 minutes. Baking is an art form rather than a timed event so check after 20 minutes, you want to poke in a clean skewer and it wants to come out clean then you know the puds are ready. These took just about 25 minutes at a steady 180c on my Konnected Joe so very stable temps. Once finished leave to rest for a few minutes so easier to turn out or “be like Jules” and use your bbq gloves haha, tip our and pour in the delicious sauce and enjoy


Schedule a Gym visit the next day 😆

You can add salt flakes to the finished puds or a few chopped nuts, Personally I think they are perfect as they are 💙

If you cooked this or any of my recipes then please do let me know.